Story of Middle M

“Middle M Jewelry” was first launched in 2014 by Mick (Nattakorn Choonhavan) whom has always been passionate in wearing ornament and accessories since he was young as well as his love of making things for himself and the love of handmade products. The name “Middle M’ came from the name “Mick” as he is a middle child in the family in which every child’s name begins with letter M.

Middle M is made for those who believe in magic, mystery and talisman. All the designs have been inspired from the belief of people in the past, culture, nature and are mostly influenced by the ancient art from both western and eastern world.

From the beginning until now, Middle M didn’t only want customers to think of the necklaces and bracelets as just another accessory on their bodies but we want everyone to perceive them as their lucky charms and talismans that would bring good luck and protect them against evilness.

Each product is handmade in Bangkok studio by Mick himself. We believe in quality over quantity, therefore each item is very limited. Materials are well selected in order to be unique and durable. Most of materials are sorted to support local producers by using materials such as Northern Thai silver and stone such as Black onyx.

Charm, pendant and stone used in every piece has its own stories, meanings and abilities which based from the ancient myth and legend such as Evil Eye and Hamsa can ward off the evil spirit from the owner, dream catcher can protect the owner from the nightmare and natural stone such as Clear quartz is believed to store ancient knowledge and bring you miracle. 

We are always working on new style and finding new inspiration also new material for our jewelry to be unique and stand out. We want everyone to have fun with wearing our jewelry, you may layer our necklaces as many as you like and wear a very long stack of our bracelets because we never have too many jewelry.

No matter what style you are, you might be a Bohemian girl on a sunny beach or you might wear a suit everyday to an office, you will be able to find Middle M jewelry that matches with you. We hope you will be falling in love with Middle M Jewelry and magic of handmade jewelry.

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